Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit

We are leaders in manufacturing and supplying of Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit. The Sanitary Napkin Disposer is an innovative product for the hygienic disposal of sanitary napkins and office preventing clogging of Toilets. The used napkin is converted to sterile ash using modern technology in our Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit. The Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit, which is provided by us, is known for disposing sanitary napkins, facial tissue papers, etc. The design of the Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit is innovative in nature and helps in relieving from any embarrassing situation.

Usage :
You simply open the door and put the used napkin and close the door. The loaded napkin turns to sterile ash within an hour. You can continuously use the Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit. Power needs to be shut off after 30 minutes of last sanitary napkin charging only.

Composition :
  • Automatic timer to switch on the unit at a preset time and switch off the unit at a set time. Provision for by-passing the timer is also provided in case timer is not going to be operated.
  • It also has a temperature controlling system to keep a stable temperature throughout the operation of the unit also a temperature indicator.

The Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit Comes In Three Models :
  • Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit (Mini) : Disposer for house
  • Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit (Med) : For institutions, colleges etc.- Continuous operating type disposer
  • Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit (Big) : A Batch type disposer

Minimum Order Quantity : 15 Sanitary Napkin Disposer

Technical Details

Outer casing Mild steel sturdy structure with attractive colour
Power Rating 1 KW to 3 KW (depending on the model)
Works on 200/220v, 50C/s AC single Phase only
Heating system Specially designed heating element with temperature controlling system
Temperature Indicating & controlling system Solid state digital indicating controller
Programming of unit working time (Optional) Programming of unit working time (Optional)
Control Panel Housing temperature indicator solid state, Electronic timer, On-off Switch, Indicating lamps
The system is supplied in to be switched on conditions with electric cable and plug pin